Furniture Foam Shredder

Memory Foam, Flexible PU Foams, and Other Furniture Foams Shredded Into Pillow Stuffing

Foam grinder, foam cutter, foam chopper, or as we call it the Enstyro foam shredder was designed to shred foam so it works better than conventional grinders for difficult to shred materials like memory foam. Our shredder won’t melt or crush the foam so we optimize the comfort level of the pillow.

Furniture manufacturers and upholstery shops use a wide variety of foams like memory foam, Poly foam, latex foam, high-density, and other flexible urethane foams. These factories generate a lot of scrap foam when they cut cushions or other items out of large foam buns. The leftovers or off-cuts can be easily shredded into a high quality pillow fill. Some of the most popular pillows on the market are filled with this shredded foam.

We recommend our 5 HP shredder for our customers that shred furniture foam. We also offer a 10 HP model if you have an extremely tough foam or want to shred it through one of our smallest screen sizes. This brief video demonstrates the Enstyro 5 HP foam shredder processing furniture foam.