Foam Shredding Equipment

Enstyro Equipment Shreds Many Foam Types for Many Unique Products.

Enstyro Foam Ripper ImageThe Enstyro foam shredder, introduced in 2013, offers the potential for a variety of products to be created from recycled foams. The flexibility of this shredder allows for the development of new reuse methods. Our shredder rips bulk expanded polystyrene and many other foams into smaller particles that pass through a screen before collection. We offer different screen inserts, so you can produce the perfect particle size for your reuse method. The screen insert that you select determines the size of foam particles that can exit the shredder and move on to collection.

Ripping Method

The Enstyro shredder tears EPS, XPS, polyethylene foams, polyurethane foams, memory foam, and most any type of foam into smaller pieces without compacting the foam like other shredders. This shredder was designed for foam so it can operate consistently without the problems met by other methods. This method of ripping rather than shearing achieves particles with shape and surface variation at the lowest possible density. These shredded particles can outperform new polymer beads in many applications.

Airflow Moves the Foam Through to Collection

The Enstyro shredder operates with an exhaust blower to convey the material through the shredder and into the collection bag. This method runs cleanly and packages the shredded EPS in one step. A standard dust collector works well or a blower and piping system can move the shredded foam to a silo or bulk bag.

The Enstyro Separator

Enstyro has invented a size separator that operates between the shredder and the airflow collection system to produce distinct particle size ranges. As with our shredder, we offer a variety of screen sizes for the Enstyro separator. Screens are easy to change so you’re ready to adapt as new opportunities arise. Getting the perfect size range for your foam reuse method is simple with Enstyro equipment.

Screen Size = Shred Size

The Enstyro shredder and separator have removable screen inserts which determine the size of particle that can pass through to the collection system. We offer a range of sizes of screen inserts from 1/8 inch to 2 inches for the shredder and 1/16 inch to 1 inch for the separator. This feature allows owners of the Enstyro shredder to quickly adapt to the needs and wants of customers.

All foam reuse methods can be improved with precision shredding methods from Enstyro. Particle size range and surface roughness are crucially important when producing lightweight concrete with shredded EPS. Size range is important when shredding furniture foam into pillow stuffing or producing packing peanuts from recycled foams. Size range matters and Enstyro gets it right.

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