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Enstyro, Keeping it Light

Enstyro builds equipment to recycle or upcycle foam. Foam is valuable due to its many unique properties. Our foam shredder rips the foam apart without crushing which keeps it as lightweight as possible. There is no melting involved so the soft and flexible properties are maintained.

Whether you call it reuse, recycle, or repurpose, we need to improve our building materials while taking full advantage of our byproducts. Enstyro was started with a focus on EPS (Styrofoam) and thanks to buyers of our equipment, recycled EPS is being used as a nearly weightless concrete aggregate in many locations around the world. EPS used for packaging to protect one item can be used the second time as an outstanding construction material that is both durable and insulating.

Advancements in polymer science have developed a wide range of other foam materials with outstanding properties. Enstyro can often make the second use or off cuts of these foams as valuable as the first use. The variety of quality foams that are now produced offers an innovative range of development products. We gladly accept new foams at our laboratory for custom shredding trials. We continue to be impressed with many unique foams that are now available. Our shredder can produce the correct size range for each specific product or experiment. Enstyro equipment can make use of all these outstanding properties locally.

Foam is best processed and reused locally because it is bulky yet light. Foam waste is expensive as it fills a lot of dumpster space. Enstyro equipment can reduce waste costs and convert that foam into a usable or sellable product which makes for a great business that actually helps the earth.

Please check out the rest of our website and contact us for more information. We love to hear your new ideas for shredded foam but we will also respect your privacy if you want to keep the next big thing a secret.