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Sustainable Styrofoam (EPS) Recycling

The time for responsible and self sustaining EPS (Styrofoam) recycling is at hand. This will save landfill space, but a larger reason is due to the properties of this material. EPS has extreme insulating qualities, which can help us address our ever increasing energy demands. EPS also has great longevity which makes it a perfect construction material when processed correctly. Enstyro is using methods that we have developed that now make it possible to reuse this great raw material in new ways.

Using EPS in concrete is not a new idea. It has been tried before, but the strength of the concrete was usually too low. Enstyro has developed shredding equipment that produces a fine aggregate with the correct size distribution and shape variation for producing concrete. The internal concrete stresses from thermal expansion and contraction can be absorbed by the EPS which reduces cracking. Our poured walls for homes and industry can have insulation built in. This reduces the need for mining aggregate, and increases the efficiency of the home.

Enstyro has invented inexpensive processing equipment which can serve small communities and resell the end products back to the community where it was collected. EPS itself has been the greatest asset to enabling this process. The ease with which it is processed, handled, and distributed makes it an ideal small business. The Enstyro Shredder is inexpensive and in one step turns waste EPS into sellable product.

Enstyro was started for the simple reason that EPS is a unique material with several extreme properties.

  1. Extremely low density.
  2. Extremely high insulating value.
  3. Longevity greater than almost any other construction material.
Raw materials like these that can benefit our society and the future should not be so readily discarded.